A complete and integrated information record

Complete clinical desktop, integrated with equipment

Increase efficiency, reduce risk

Integrated recording of pre, intra and post-operative data in all clinical procedures and between the different agents involved

Automated anaesthetic risk calculation

Specific record in each of the anaesthetist's different activities

Full integration with the Clinical Process, import of data from the LIC and Clinical Pathology and connection to ventilators and monitors

Intuitive filling of all data during surgery

Integration with the post-operative analgesia register (acute pain)

Pre-filling of the new clinical act with the relevant information from the previous one

Surveys, activity maps, statistics and quality control

DOCbase Anaesthesiology solution

is composed by the following functional modules:



Post-operative/ Acute pain

Anaesthesia outside the block

Quality and management control

We consolidate the health sector


Portuguese NHS Hospitals


Private sector Hospitals




International clients

*Counter referring to the general figures and not to each of the specialities
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