Full reports with integrated image

Complete clinical desktop, integrated with equipment

Increasing efficiency, reducing risk

Records configured for each exam resulting in specific reports

Integration with various speciality equipment - data capture and/or specific reports

Pre-defined texts that allow report writing easier

Filing and annotation of photos (skin tests)

Questionnaires, scores, international classifications and calculations (Z Score)

Specific registration areas for doctor, nurse and technician

Remote access for review and reporting

Design of treatment and surveillance protocols

Surveys, activity maps, statistics and quality control

DOCbase Immunoallergology solution

is parameterised to perform the following clinical acts:


Immuno-allergology Appointement

Respiratory function tests

Ventilatory mechanics study

Bronchodilation test



Arterial O2 saturation, non-invasive methods

Nitric oxide in exhaled air

Stress test

Oral provocation test

Skin sensitivity tests

Airways resistance

Hypertonic solutes

These tests are carried out on in-house equipment that produces the respective reports. Although edited in different formats, these are imported into DOCbase and then printed and attached to the medical report

We consolidate the health sector


Portuguese NHS Hospitals


Private sector Hospitals




International clients

*Counter for general numbers and not for each specialitys
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