Quality Policy

Maximising reliability

Mobilwave is a consultancy firm specialising in Health Information Technologies.

And is strategically committed to maximising the quality of its products and services, seeking efficiency and effectiveness through simple solutions, focusing on the essential rather than the accessory, minimising the complexity of adoption and day-to-day operation, development and maintenance costs, downtime and investment requirements, and maximising the reliability, security and quality of information.

Its our believe that the company's success is built on the competence, ambition and commitment of all its employees, their knowledge of the market, their in-depth mastery of technologies and their ability to maximise the potential of these parameters and their reflection in the quality of its products and services.

The growing concern for quality and consequent customer satisfaction, coupled with market demands, led to the implementation of a Quality Management System according to the NP EN ISO 9001 standard in 2018.

Mobilwave is committed to:

  1. To specialise in the clinical areas of Health, corresponding to the present and anticipating the future;
  2. Develop our own technological skills by maximising our potential in our products and services;
  3. To listen the market, synthesise information, innovate and add value, define strategies and implement them;
  4. Incorporate the principles of continuous improvement into its production process in order to constantly exceed its own expectations and those of the client;
  5. Continuously improve the influence and effectiveness of the Quality Management System;
  6. Comply with applicable legal requirements;
  7. Strive to be recognised in the market as a benchmark for quality in its products and services, and in the professional relationships it establishes;
  8. Selecting and periodically evaluating our suppliers in order to guarantee the same quality criteria that we want to demonstrate in our market.;
  9. To be recognised in the market as a benchmark for ethics, professionalism and respect for its clients, employees and shareholders;
  10. To provide professionally motivating challenges for its employees, investing in their training and development.