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Systems integration in healthcare is a strategic approach aimed at improving the efficiency, quality and safety of the services provided to patients. In this context, INTEROPERABILITY between different systems and platforms becomes essential to ensure the efficient exchange of relevant information between healthcare professionals, providers and other stakeholders.

Systems integration in healthcare covers a variety of elements, from the integration of electronic medical records to connectivity between medical devices and hospital management systems. One of the main benefits of this approach is improved continuity of care, allowing healthcare professionals to quickly and accurately access patient history, test results and other relevant data in real time.

In addition, systems integration helps to reduce errors, as it reduces dependence on manual processes, promoting the standardisation and automation of workflows. This not only increases efficiency, but also minimises the risks associated with misinterpretation or miscommunication.

The exchange of information between different health institutions is also facilitated by the integration of systems, enabling a more holistic and collaborative approach to the treatment of users. This secure sharing of data contributes to a more complete view of the patient's health history, enabling more informed and coordinated decision-making between the professionals involved.

However, it is important to consider the challenges associated with integrating systems in healthcare, such as information security issues, interoperability standards and ethical issues related to user privacy. Successful implementation requires collaboration between IT professionals, technology suppliers and healthcare professionals, with a continuous focus on security and compliance with local and international regulations.

To summarise, systems integration in healthcare plays a crucial role in the sector's digital transformation, improving operational efficiency, quality of care and coordination between the various players involved, resulting in significant benefits for users and healthcare professionals.

Integration with other systems - DOCbase interfaces

DOCbase is capable of integrating with any central system or hospital/clinic application (HIS, PCE, LIS, RIS, PACS, VNA, RNU, Electronic Prescription, Requests for MCDTs, etc.) using interoperability standards such as Health Level 7 (HL7 v2.x or FHIR), Web Services (WS), or Databases (BD) to ensure reliability and synchronization of information between systems. This means that the definition of information exchange interfaces is as comprehensive as possible, covering the needs of most systems and applications to create communication channels between them regardless of the supported communication methods. Occasional adjustments may be made if absolutely necessary to make the system extensible, allowing for the addition of new integration services in the future, whether based on standards or other technologies (e.g., APIs or proprietary formats) to address new challenges that arise in specific contexts.

Data flows

Data should be exchanged in both directions, ensuring that there are no ambiguities in the specification, interpretation and responsibility of data flows between systems.

For this exchange of information to be effective, the data exchanged must be interpretable by both systems, using their own mechanisms (identifiers) to identify the various Catalogues (Exams/Consultations, Health Professionals, Users, Entiti../es/Conventions).

In the healthcare sector, various interoperability standards have been developed over the last two decades, such as HL7 (Health Level 7) v2.x or FHIR and Dicom. With this in mind, Mobilwave's systems are able to solve some of the most common interoperability problems between healthcare systems, enabling the creation of communication channels between them regardless of the forms of communication supported by each one.

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